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Product Information

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Other Abrasive
Specialty Items
Rolls, Sheets
& Hand Pads
Cloth Belts

Surface Conditioning Belts

Paper Belts

Quick Change Discs

PDQ Quick Change Discs

Resin Fiber Discs

Flap Discs

PSA Cloth Discs

Plain Slotted Cloth & Wing Discs

Overlap Slotted Discs

Plain Cloth Discs

PSA Paper Discs

PSA Paper Disc Rolls

Hook & Loop (TouchLock) Discs

Plain Paper Discs

Plain Surface Conditionong Discs

Spiral Wound Bands

Cartridge Rolls

Mounted Flap Wheels

Unmounted Flap Wheels

Square Pads

Cross Pads

Flutter Sheets

Cloth Assemblies (Vonnegut Loadings)

Scored Rolls

Shop Rolls

Abrasive Cloth Sheets

Abrasive Cloth Rolls

Abrasive Paper Rolls

Sandpaper Sheets

Longboard Strips and Rolls

Non-Woven Hand Pads

Non-Woven Rolls

Abrasive Sponge Pads

Quick Change Disc Holders

PDQ Quick Change Disc Holders

Resin Fiber Disc Holders

Hubbed Resin Fiber Disc Holders

PSA Disc Holders

Hook & Loop (Touchlock) & Plain Non-Woven Disc Holders

Rubber Expanding Drums for Spiral Wound Bands

Mandrels for Cartridge Rolls

Mandrels for Square Pads, Cross Pads & Overlap Discs